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Kara and I are still in the process of planning our next year's shows and signings. If you are a shop owner or convention planner and would like to have me at your event, please email me. With a kid and a busy schedule, we have become very pragmatic about the events we attend, so please keep in mind that those willing to cover travel and accommodations will obviously gain the most favor. If you're in Europe and offering to cover our accommodations, the answer is already probably a resounding Yes. :)

AUTOGRAPHS: I generally sign all day at any event I'm attending.  Any item purchased from me at an event will be signed and/or personalized free of charge.

  • Most comic books, trade paperbacks, and merchandise - $5 each
  • The Walking Dead 1-6 singles - $100 each
  • all other Walking Dead single comic issues - $20 each
  • Books for grading services (CGC, PGX, CBCS, etc) - $20 each

For more info and a schedule of events, please click the EVENTS link!