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Fear Agent vol.6: Out of Step TPB


Fear Agent vol.6: Out of Step TPB


Written by Rick Remender, Art by Mike Hawthorne, John Lucas, and Tony Moore.

The final tale of the last Fear Agent! Heath Huston is the only remaining human in a universe that has been totally amalgamated by Tetaldian robotic conquerors. As heath uncovers the history of the robot hordes and their secret co-conspirators, he becomes their primary target. Presented with one final opportunity to set things right, can Heath give the bastards a little back? A drink is poured, a rocket ship ignited, and a cigar lit--the last Fear Agent sets off on his closing bit for redemption.

Collects issues #28 - #32 of the acclaimed series. 120 pgs, full color

Autographed by Tony Moore

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