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Now taking a small list of commissions.


As of today (06/21/07), i am taking on a limited number of commissions to help fray the cost of my impending nuptials.

These will be 11x17 pieces, pen & ink on bristol board, and will cost $200 US.

These are available worldwide, so anyone can get them, however non-US customers will have to pay their own shipping, which Kara can calculate specifically for you. Shipping for US customers is included in the price of the commission.

I will be working these when I can while working on my regular books, so they will have to be done completely at my convenience, with no specific guaranteed date, though i assure you i will do my best to turn them around as quickly as possible.

For the time being, i will only be taking on 5 pieces, though if i am able to complete the list quickly and easily, i will likely take on another small list in the near future. Also, these are not for commercial use. So please, in the spirit of fairness, no cover requests, etc, with intent to be printed. I am, however, more than happy to honor all requests to draw any character you wish, even if it is your own creation. I just would prefer to not undercut my own business on cover rates, which I hope you all can understand.

if you're interested, email Kara at