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XXXombies #3 cover colors, Bad News Bugs.


It's been a long time since i left you without a dope beat to step to.

2008 is in full effect, and with it, i bring artwork!
here are the colors for XXXombies #3, with lineart by the indomitable Kieron Dwyer.

And with the good, comes the bad.
Rich Johnston reports the end of The Exterminators at issue #30. Unfortunately, this is more than mere rumor, and it breaks my heart to know it. I sincerely would like to thank everyone who dared give us a chance for their support. I hope it was fun for you guys, because i know i had a blast. I only regret not being able to do more of it.

In trying times when poor-to-mediocre books are being publicly bashed by the readers who still habitually buy them in droves, but books like ours struggle to find a modest sustainable audience despite the love the fans and critics have shown, it's hard not to take things a little sorely. But those who have read The Exterminators and supported it have been nothing but kind and wonderful to us, for which i can never thank them enough. All good things must pass, but you have all made this one a great time while it lasted.