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Sketch of the Day! DONALD TRUMP


Hail to the King Baby.

It is my firm belief that the Trump administration is going to be absolute poison for our country. He and his appointed cronies strike me as hell-bent on undoing as much social, educational, and scientific progress as they can get their hands on, pledging to defund the arts, public schools, and healthcare at every turn. One major institution which has come under extreme fire both figuratively and literally is Planned Parenthood. Politicians on the Right have gone out of their way to vilify this service, but the truth is, no federal funds are used for abortions, and Planned Parenthood provides crucial health services such as screenings, preventive care, birth control, and much much more to women and families of all walks of life, urban and rural alike, and is often the primary source of care for women in poverty. 

And so, I'm offering up this image, and
I'm selling the ORIGINAL ART, and also these $10 ART PRINTS.

Sketch of the Day! HAPPY NEW YEAR


Here's my last Sketch of the Day for 2014/ first sketch of 2015. Out with the old, in with the new!

This one's 8.5x18", markers on chipboard. As always, the original art is available over at my STORE.

i want to thank you all for coming along for the ride in 2014, and i'm excited to explore new artistic territory in the coming years with you all. i hope the holidays find you all safe and well.