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Tyler Childers : COUNTRY SQUIRE album art


It may come as no surprise, but I love stories. I love telling stories, and I love listening to storytellers. And when it comes to music, no genre satisfies my craving for stories like well-crafted Country music. A couple years ago, I discovered the music of fellow Kentuckian, TYLER CHILDERS, and I was hooked. At a concert, I managed to get one of my Li’l Baphomet pins into his hands, and shortly after, he reached out about working on an album cover. After a LOT of spitballing and volleying ideas, we cooked up something that I feel has a nice visual punch, but also has enough conceptual meat on its bones to investigate further. So here it is, my cover for Tyler’s upcoming album, COUNTRY SQUIRE.


If you’re interested in picking up this album, you can find it, along with some handsome bundles that include signed and numbered limited edition art prints of this image, over at