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Tyler Childers : COUNTRY SQUIRE album art


It may come as no surprise, but I love stories. I love telling stories, and I love listening to storytellers. And when it comes to music, no genre satisfies my craving for stories like well-crafted Country music. A couple years ago, I discovered the music of fellow Kentuckian, TYLER CHILDERS, and I was hooked. At a concert, I managed to get one of my Li’l Baphomet pins into his hands, and shortly after, he reached out about working on an album cover. After a LOT of spitballing and volleying ideas, we cooked up something that I feel has a nice visual punch, but also has enough conceptual meat on its bones to investigate further. So here it is, my cover for Tyler’s upcoming album, COUNTRY SQUIRE.


If you’re interested in picking up this album, you can find it, along with some handsome bundles that include signed and numbered limited edition art prints of this image, over at

Rest in Peace, JACK DAVIS.


It breaks my heart to know that Jack Davis, last of the EC Comics legends, is gone.

Though our personal interactions were few, they will always be held among my most cherished memories. Jack Davis was THE cartoonist of the 20th century, and even until the end, he remained a consummate professional and southern gentleman. The last time I called a few months back, his wife had told me he may not be up to a conversation because he wasn't feeling well. He happily took my call and though I could tell from his speech he'd recently had a stroke, he didn't rush me off the line and invited me to stay in touch. The few phone conversations we had fundamentally changed my entire outlook on cartooning and life in general.

Mr Davis is the single most influential and inspirational figure to me as an artist. When i was a little kid, probably no more than 4 or 5 years old, he was the first artist i could recognize by style alone from his work in MAD Magazine. He left an indelible mark upon me before i was even old enough to read, let alone understand what was happening in my psyche. Last year, I did my first work for MAD, which was a Davis homage mock "Tales From The Crypt" cover. A lifetime of obsessing over his lines and stealing all my best moves from him had still not prepared me for attempting to enter his headspace as a craftsman, and the entire exercise profoundly deepened my appreciation for what he had done.

While tonight I mourn the loss of perhaps the greatest talent cartooning has ever known, I personally celebrate the depth and magnitude of his work every day.


Jack Davis, legendary Mad Magazine, EC Comics artist, dead at 91 (via NY Times)

Limited Edition STIMPY LOG LADY Pin


My inspiration comes from a lot of places, and this pin pays homage to two of my biggest influences, John K's Ren & Stimpy and David Lynch's Twin Peaks.

This is a 1.5" hard enamel pin with antique gold plating, comes with a standard butterfly pin back.

Limited Edition of 100 pieces. When it's gone, it's gone. You can find it while it lasts over in the STORE.

My first enamel pin, a little cartoon BAPHOMET!


Art thou wicked? Probably.

This adorable little Baphomet is here to remind you to ignore the noise and do what thou wilt.

This is a 1.5" hard enamel pin with black nickel plating, comes with a standard butterfly pin back.

You can find him, and much more, over in the STORE!

Sketch of the Day! RAT FINK


The other day, i did a broadcast where i sketched up a big pile of 5-Minute requests.  This one features Big Daddy Ed Roth's RAT FINK, which i revisited for a couple minutes with the pen for a little extra grunge.

8.5" x 11", inks on card stock.

The original art for this piece can be found over in the STORE.

Get 50% off CINCY COMICON tickets now!


As you my know, i am one of the founders of CINCY COMICON, a fantastic old-school comic book convention where fans can meet the comics industry's top creators, get work from amazing artists, and geek out in all ways with their fellow readers.

This Christmas, we've teamed up with to offer you 50% OFF on all kinds of admission packages! If you've go a super-fan in your life, this is the perfect gift!

Sketch of the Day! ABE SAPIEN



I love HELLBOY, so I thought I'd bust out an ABE SAPIEN head shot for today!

8.5" x 11, inks (w/ Raphael brushes)  on card stock

The original art for this piece can be found over in the STORE.

Sketch of the Day! REN & STIMPY


REN & STIMPY was one of the most influential cartoons of my generation. All our minds were warped by John K's heightened psychodrama and macro-lens detail shots. Here's my small tribute to their greatness.

9" x 8.5", inks (w/ Raphael brushes) and Copic Marker on chipboard.

The original art for this piece can be found over in the STORE.

Sketch of the Day! PIGPEN


As a filthy hillbilly child myself, i've always considered Peanuts' PIGPEN a kind of kindred spirit.

This sketch is a actually Bonus Two-Fer, because i accidentally drew it on the back of some life drawing sketches from the Cincy ComiCon Drink & Draw! You can click the additional thumbnails in the STORE entry to see the sketches.

8.5" x 9", inks (w/ Raphael brushes) and Copic Marker on chipboard.
As always, the original art for this piece can be found over in the STORE.

Sketch of the Day! ATTACK ON TITAN


After nearly a month on the road, I'm back with a new Sketch of the Day!

Today's sketch is based on the manga/anime mega-hit ATTACK ON TITAN. Been itching to get back to the sketches, and far be it from me to not want to draw a skinless giant.

This piece is 6.25" x 10.25", inks and Copic marker on chipboard.
The original art for this piece is up over in the STORE.

Sketch of the Day! THE GRINCH


i had a lot of fun with my Christmas edition of Sketch of the Day, featuring a triple-decker toadstool and sauerkraut sandwich, with arsenic saaaaauce! This will be my last Sketch until a couple days after Christmas, then I'll resume business as usual, every weekday at noon, except on major holidays.

this one's 7.5" x 8.5", markers on chipboard. The original's in the STORE!