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Today's card is NIXON from HARD BOILED

Fun Fact: My left forearm is tattooed with the Willeford Home Appliances logo from this book.

I've got a pile of Sketch Cards done up, and every day at 7PM EST (for a while), I will post one for $75.

When they're gone, they're gone, so get 'em while the gettin's good!

You can find the original for this piece over in my STORE.

Sketch of the Day! MARV (Sin City)


Frank Miller's SIN CITY is one of the comics industry's beacons for creator-owned properties. Miller was (and is) one of my comics heroes. and this book showcased him doing his thing in his element, which was an amazing thing to see, and hugely influential to me as a budding comics creator.

You can find the original for this piece over in my STORE.

8.5" x 9", inks & acrylics (w/ Raphael brushes) and Copic Marker on chipboard.

Sketch of the Day! THE DARK KNIGHT


"You don't get it, boy..."

When i turned 10, i got to go see Tim Burton's BATMAN , and I received a copy of The Complete Frank Miller BATMAN hardcover, which is probably the single most influential book i own. I pored over that thing a billion times and it broke my little brain. Say what you will about the man, but comics will forever owe a huge debt of gratitude to Frank Miller, and i personally can never fully express what his work has meant to me over the years.

8.5" x 9.75, inks (w/ Raphael brushes) and Copic Marker on chipboard.

The original art for this piece can be found over in the STORE.