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5 Original Hand-Painted Ornaments!


Hey, gang! This year, I decided to whip up something festive for y'all!

Over in the SKETCHES section of the STORE, i have just added 5 hand-painted original ornaments.

They're 6.5" x 7" metal ornaments with twine cord, painted with acrylics-- each a unique piece of original artwork.  The perfect holiday keepsake for the zombie lover in your life!

Limited Edition STIMPY LOG LADY Pin


My inspiration comes from a lot of places, and this pin pays homage to two of my biggest influences, John K's Ren & Stimpy and David Lynch's Twin Peaks.

This is a 1.5" hard enamel pin with antique gold plating, comes with a standard butterfly pin back.

Limited Edition of 100 pieces. When it's gone, it's gone. You can find it while it lasts over in the STORE.

My first enamel pin, a little cartoon BAPHOMET!


Art thou wicked? Probably.

This adorable little Baphomet is here to remind you to ignore the noise and do what thou wilt.

This is a 1.5" hard enamel pin with black nickel plating, comes with a standard butterfly pin back.

You can find him, and much more, over in the STORE!

Introducing ART OF THE DAY!


 First up, I'm offering this BATMAN #32 cover, from Snyder and Capullo's Zero Year arc.

I'm proud to say we've finally scanned and cataloged almost all of my Original Art, and we'll be posting a new featured piece every day! We have covers and pages from almost every book I've worked on, as well as a load of original art from a whole slew of other projects! 

Keep an eye out as we get everything loaded in and posted! There are several existing categories in the Original Art menu, and while at the moment, not every section has something posted, in time, we will fill them all up with all kinds of fun stuff! So, keep an eye out, as we'll be offering up a new piece every day!

(and yes, the Sketch Of The Day will return as well!)

Get 50% off CINCY COMICON tickets now!


As you my know, i am one of the founders of CINCY COMICON, a fantastic old-school comic book convention where fans can meet the comics industry's top creators, get work from amazing artists, and geek out in all ways with their fellow readers.

This Christmas, we've teamed up with to offer you 50% OFF on all kinds of admission packages! If you've go a super-fan in your life, this is the perfect gift!